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Watercolour Cushion Covers

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Watercolour Cushion Covers

Dive in the deep blue sea or reach for the limitless sky with these charming blue watercolour cushion covers, in ranging patterns and shades of blue. These sophisticated watercolour cushion covers will certainly add a sense of serenity into your space.

Featuring shades of aquatic blue they have a certain calm and natural vibe. This elegant and sophisticated color is known to naturally induce a serene and incredibly calm environment. Our cushions will certainly add a delightfully refreshing aura into your house.

Yet to enhance this soothing aura, the cushions make use of the soft and subtle watercolor strokes.

Thus the depth of the serene blue color is expressed in term of these artistic brush strokes which certainly tend to intensify the overall impact. The cushions will definitely do wonders in bringing an airy, pleasant and relaxing space together. 

Watercolour cushion covers are just perfect for any space that requires a relaxing and calming aura. Bedroom and living room being the top choice, where these cushion can effortlessly induce a soothing environment. Cushions can also bring a light hearted and refreshing feel into any living room. Add these cushions to your seating area to simply relax after a hectic and tiring day.

Yet to induce a more dramatic effect add some colour to your cushion set with these blue watercolour cushion covers. There is no room to go wrong with these cushions. Be bold and combine the cushion with different style and color to bring your personality and style.

Our cushions are so versatile that they work in both an ultra-modern or traditional setting. In a traditional or classic interior space, these cushions can serve as a unique detail and bring a romantic aura into the space. On the other hand in a contemporary space the cushions can induce an airy, light and modern aura. Add these delightfully stylish and charming cushions to breathe a new life into your home.

Specifications :

·         Material:  Linen/Cotton
·         Size: 45cm x 45cm
·         Design: Printed

Our cushion covers use natural cotton and linen fabric that is durable and eco-friendly. The printing technique ensures that the colors are bright and long lasting.