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Having a simple yet elegant piece of art on your wall is all you need to make any room in your home or office adorable. A deep-colored décor on your wall, such as this simple wall poster with Leonardo Da Vinci’s manuscript, goes a long way in achieving the simplicity you are yearning to get. If you value style, you are definitely looking for a poster with perfect quality, deep yet real colors, and an artistic appearance found in this borderless artwork.

The Vitruvian man poster is a perfect match for every room featuring quite a dense Kraft paper. We want you to enjoy the benefits of a piece of décor that combines quality, style, functionality, and durability. As a lover of art, you will find the legibility of the prints on the poster interestingly clear. You definitely deserve something whose prints are readable from a distance, and this is why our core Kraft paper sticker is ideal for every home, however big it is.

Whether it is your office, home, or other space you wish to decorate, you can invest in our classic style art piece to upgrade the appearance of your walls instantly. This retro decorative wall sticker suits every individual that is seeking to add a historical touch to their décor. Its size is exceedingly gorgeous and adds exceptional value to each wall size and color.

The Vitruvian man poster consists of a portrait and writings that combine into appealing wall art. You can count on us if you want something that blends beautifully with any color theme and room setup. By getting this wall poster, you can easily spice up your room without occupying any additional space in your room.

Size: approximately 51 x 35.5 cm

Material: Kraft - Recyclable

Design: Printed

Theme: Classic

Frame: None