Vintage Pendant Rope Light

Vintage Pendant Rope Light

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The pendant rope lamp is designed to put your homes and offices in the best light. Lightning up your homes and work place just got way cheaper with our vintage pendant rope light. This premium product provides a quality that can only be matched by its aesthetic appeal. The vintage rope lamp is made from the best natural hemp material that provides 100% safety during use and a life-long durability. Furthermore the pendant rope light offers an unbeatable retro style that endows your homes and offices with timeless beauty. The styling possibilities are endless with naturally bendable ropes and agelessly fashioned components like lamp holders, copper wire etc. The pendant rope light instantly transforms your home into an epitome of beauty on its incorporation. The rope light is extremely pocket friendly as its offer low power rating that will keep your electricity bills at the minimum. The vintage pendant rope lamp light is a deal worth grabbing!

Highlights and Benefits:

  • Top quality lightning for life-time durability
  • Naturally bendable, stylish hemp rope.
  • Suitable for diverse settings i.e. bedroom, dining room, coffee bar, restaurant
  • Unconventional vintage visual appeal.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Anti-aging thick hemp rope
  • Timeless urban retro style
  • Minimal power requirement
  • Quality lamp rope components e.g. Jute, Copper Wire, Lamp-holder Connectors
Don’t just light up your homes with conventional bulbs and wires, you can do more with no additional cost. With our vintage pendant rope light, your homes and bars will never look the same. This amazing piece of illuminating art will bring the best of vintage style to liven up your homes and businesses. Get out-weighing value for your money with our affordable pendant rope light. There is no doing it wrong when you go the pendant rope lamp way. Join in on the trend to stun your guest and customers today!