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Vibrant & Dreamy Urban Expressionist Cushion Covers

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Add a touch of magic to your home with these artsy, dreamy and colorful cushions. The dancing and free flowing landscape is sure to evoke a sense of life, art and cheerfulness in your space.

The cushion extend beyond a colorful landscape, expressing the feeling of walking around a beautiful urban landscape. So undoubtedly the cushions can evoke a dream like feeling. Reminding of a walk in the breezy air way, the trees standing tall, and the leaves rustling and flowing with the air. Freeze this moment and wonderful feeling by bringing it into your home with these exquisite cushions. 

The cushions are great way to introduce the bright retro colors in your house. It can effortlessly add a fun and lively flair with rich retro colors and whimsical patterns. The curvy and free flowing patterns inspired by nature add a light hearted warmth into your space. On the other hand the bold, busy and dreamy patterns of the cushions, can invite a fun filled and playful aura into your home.

The cushions set against a white backdrop can serve as a stunning and dramatic artsy display in your house. It can also do wonders against a bold and bright solid color, to brighten up your seating area. Toss it on anywhere from a bed, sofa or lounge chair to capture the refreshing aura of an urban landscape with bright colors and dreamlike pattern. These cushions are truly an investment towards a bold, modern and chic artsy look in your home.

·          Material:  Linen/Cotton
·          Size: 45cm x 45cm
·          Design: Printed

The cushion covers use natural cotton and linen fabric that is durable and eco friendly. The printing technique ensures that the colors are bright and long lasting. So make the most out of these artsy and comfortable cushions by adding them to your home.