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Tropical Plant Cushion covers

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Tropical Plant Cushion covers

Celebrate your love for nature with these exotic cushion covers. These dramatic covers show off an ultimately festive and colorful display of tropical plants to bring your space to life.

Flaunting a rich display of tropical plants and flowers, these cushion covers would be the as the most vibrant and lively addition to your home. The prints celebrate nature with an array of festive colors. The cushion covers simply express love for the lush green and vibrant floral graphics to induce a refreshing aura into your home. Beautifully articulated watercolor strokes remain the highlight. These soft and romantic brush strokes capture tropical plants in the most unique way. Therefore these cushions can definitely add a magical touch of nature into your home.

The fresh and welcoming colors of these cushion covers can certainly add life to any contemporary space. The cushions can simply outshine against a white or neutral backdrop. It can also become the highlight of a tropical inspired space for an ultimately casual and relaxing space. So with these cushions you can provide the perfect finishing touches to any tropical inspired space. Pair the cushion with organic textures and finishes to transform your space into a peaceful and exotic retreat.

·         Material:  Linen/Cotton
·         Size: 45cm x 45cm
·         Design: Printed

The cushion covers use high quality cotton linen that is nice and comfortable to touch. The covers are removable and washable for easy maintenance. It also includes a hidden zipper for a neat and crisp look. So bring nature into your home with these colorful and comfy cushions.