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Corduroy Couch Cushion Covers

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Corduroy Couch Cushion Covers

Want a charming and elegant look for your house? Then these corduroy couch cushion covers are the perfect choice. Featuring textured velvet in sleek and beautiful stripes, which results in a cushion that can add an unexpected sophistication to your house.

These cushions feature subtle and elegant corduroy velvet with a refreshing range of colors. The colors can help in making your home ultimately warm, cozy and inviting. Contemporary home design looks upon cushions beyond aesthetics where the texture and feel is an important factor to engage sensory perception. So the key feature of the cushion remain the soft and subtle natural texture of velvet. The texture cannot only serve as a nice detail but have a powerful impact on the feel of the room, adding more warmth and depth of your seating. Hence these timeless and elegant cushion covers can showcase luxury with unique sophistication.

Next in line is the magnificent range of colors that comes with these cushions. The sophisticated pink comes with a contemporary twist to give a soft, refined and graceful look that is a must have in any room featuring feminine design and color. Yet there is also a range of more bold and exuberant set of colors showcasing deep navy blues to provide a hint of luxury and glamour in your home. Lastly there are beautiful shades of grey and coffee that also come with a unique charm. The stunning neutral shades can stand alone to complete your minimalistic look or simply complement the vibrant and sophisticated colors of the cushion set.

A great idea remains to mix and match to instill character and personality in your home. Feature a style and combination that reflects your personality and preference. If you believe in an incredibly warm and cozy house then layer up five of these cushions. However if you are a minimalist three of these in a bright color combined with a neutral one can do wonders in making a design statement in your house. So the cushions include everything you want from an elegant and luxurious design from beautiful colors to sleek and graceful texture combined with extravagance of velvet. Sounds like a deal you cannot afford to miss. 

·         Material:  Corduroy velvet
·         Size: 45cm x 45cm, 50cm x 50cm, 60cm x 60cm
·         Design: Flocking Corduroy

The warm and durable corduroy fabric uses a flocking technique for the striped velvet cushion. The cushion cover is washable and easy to maintain. Includes a matching color, invisible zip closure for a clean, crisp and elegant design.