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Jewel Tone Velvet Cushion Covers

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Our lavish double-sided velvet cushion covers will bring a sumptuous and decorative feel to any home. As the seasons begin to change and Autumn sheds her leaves, we are left with the desire to nestle into the warmth of our homes and reside in the layers of a comfortable sofa or armchair wrapped in tactile velvet scatter cushions and throws.

Offered in an array of jewel-tones, each velvet cushion cover works magnificently with all the tones we offer and can be used in various combinations to enhance different moods, interior settings and colour palettes. These popular cushions can either take center stage and elevate your home with bold focal tones or they can burrow quietly and add to gentle layers of understated elegance and comfort.

They have proven to be one of our best sellers and are truly classic statement pieces with an understated and opulent feel. They nestle perfectly into contemporary, traditional, or eclectic homes. We have specifically chosen this plush texture for its utterly elegant look and impeccably indulgent tactile nature. The sheen of this fabric shimmers slightly as it catches the light adding further to their minimal yet layered beauty.

Depending on the type of fabric they are placed besides, different tones can be drawn out with unique, ever-changing colours amplified by their low and subtle sheen. Offered in all the colours of the rainbow (and plenty more) our velvet cushion covers are proof that sometimes uncomplicated designs are the most elegant.

Combining our jewel tone velvet cushion covers in different arrangements will uplift your home in a philosophical way. In colour psychology, green tones are believed to balance emotions and encourage a sense of calm and clarity. Orange tones combine the energy of red and the happiness of yellow, which is associated with joy. Purple combines the calm solidity of blue and the ferocious energy of red and is often linked to royalty, nobility, and ambition. Our sumptuous velvet cushion covers will not only enhance the beauty and comfort of your home but the tones we have selected and the combinations you choose to place them in are guaranteed to reach further and influence the mood, energy and deep-rooted connection people feel with your home. 

·         Material:  Velvet

·         Size: 30cmx50cm / 40cmx40cm / 45cmx45cm / 50cmx50cm / 55cmx55cm /              60x60cm / 65x65cm  

·         Design: Plain Color, Low Shine