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Vibrant Colors Small Ceramic Flower Pot Set

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Worried about planters taking up too much space in the house? Then these beautiful ceramic flower pots have made it extremely easy to introduce a wide variety of small plants into your home.

Ideal for very small plants such as succulents and juicy plants, these space saving, portable and convenient flower pots can just fit anywhere in the house. Boasting a wide range of vibrant colors the ceramic pots remain a great way to revitalize any dead corner of your house. The vibrant and lively colors come with a level of sophistication with its intricate detailing showing off a frosted texture. Hence these ceramic flower pots remain the easiest way to add life, color and elegance to your home accompanied by the refreshing aura of plants. 

The most important role these flower pots can play in your house is to bring a variety of plants indoor. For plants truly serve much more than great visual in a space. These, “Living,” decoration can clean the air around and regulate humidity to induce a comfortable environment. In fact bringing plants indoor could be a solid step towards well being and healthy life. Hence its time to introduce a large variety of plants indoor with these convenient and space saving pots. You can put these plant pots in important living spaces such as dining table, side table, small desk, sleek shelf or add life into dead corners by introducing it on your window sill or a dead wall.

One of the most happening design trend these days remains to adorn your kitchen and bathroom with planters. These ceramic plant pots are a perfect option, they can instill a style statement anywhere from kitchen counter, central island,  shelves to bathroom counter, vanities and bath tub. With a great variety of colors, you can mix and match to suit your style. It is a great option to personalize kitchen, bathroom or any other living spaces of the house. The delightful and lively display is sure to provide a welcoming change to your home.

- Size : approax. H = 3.2cm x W = 6.5cm
- Material : Terracotta Ceramic
- Color : Multicolor (variety of colors)

Made of glazed ceramic the pots are less permeable to maintain good durability. Also ceramic enables to holds moisture long and a good option for your plants. Further the pot’s flat round shape enhances its function to hold the plants firmly. Hence these ceramic pots are a perfect way to restyle and utilize different corners of your house.