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Vibrant Geometric Pattern Style Cushion Covers

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Colors are the best way to instill life in your home, however if just one color is not enough to reflect your bold and energetic personality, then these cushions are just made for you. 

Combining the most trendy and happening colors of the modern era into beautiful pattern these cushions are sure to present a welcoming change to your home. Some of them feature a beautifully bright and energetic yellow. The color can serve as a great pop up color in your house to add a lively and cheerful flair. Yet the cushion will provide just the right amount of color, as yellow is enhanced with classic grey and white. The exclusive combination can provide an instant touch of elegance. These cushions also celebrate the bold and glamorous navy blue, the graceful grey and stunning shades of red and green. Showcasing a perfect combination of these happening colors, there is no room to go wrong with these cushions. The cushions undoubtedly offer a passion for colors with a unique charm.

Lastly, the stylish and chic patterns of these cushion can add a different dimension to your modern abode. The cushions bring the classic mid century patterns and designs with a fun filled and cheerful twist.These bold and striking patterns create a dramatic visual, breathing life into your home. So do not hold yourself back from having some fun combining and mixing this set of cushion. The bold fusion of different size, shapes and pattern can create a lively, warm and inviting space.

·          Material:  Linen/Cotton
·          Size: 45cm x 45cm
·          Design: Printed

The cushion covers use natural cotton and linen fabric that is durable and eco friendly. Also the natural texture of the cushion cover can provide a sense of  warmth to the space. The printing technique ensures that the colors are bright and long lasting. So these cushions can add style, comfort and warmth into your house design.