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Fascinating Nautical Inspired Cushion Covers

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Take a giant leap with these cushions into the mystic life of sailors. These magnificent cushions can add a touch of history into your house, serving as the most stylish addition to your house.

Featuring the mystic and adventurous life of sailors these cushions certainly include a huge variety. Yet the historic and monochromatic cushions remain a classic choice. It maintains a rustic charm showcasing old fashioned sailing boats, compass and maps. These cushions can certainly add a unique touch of history into your home.

However if you have a bold and fun loving personality, the best option for you are these colorful cushions that showcase marine inspired imagery in the most fun filled way. Flaunting bold geometry and bright colors, the cushions can definitely bring a cheerful aura into any space. Lastly one of the most elegant selections of cushions remains a variety of maps.  These could add a rustic and historic charm to your space in the most elegant and sophisticated way. Yet you can always play around with these cushions for a look that reflects your style and personality.

The cushions could be a perfect choice for a kid’s bedroom. It could serve as their gateway to the adventurous lives of sailors, opening them to a whole new world of imagination. Also the rustic monochromatic cushions can be the most sophisticated and charming addition to your living room. Bringing a touch of history with a mystic charm, these cushions are sure way to add visual interest and depth to your seating area.

·         Material:  Linen/Cotton
·         Size: 45cm x 45cm
·         Design: Printed

The cushion covers use high quality cotton linen that is nice and comfortable to the touch. These natural texture of the fabric further enhances the rustic and historical feel of the cushions. It also includes an invisible zipper for a clean and elegant look. So these cushions can certainly add style, comfort and warmth into your home.