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Retro Incandescent Light Bulbs

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Uplift the mood and ambience of your space with these retro incandescent lamps. Featuring as the soul of any industrial light fixture, these bulbs can induce a warm, cozy and relaxing atmosphere into your home.

These retro style incandescent bulbs have certainly become the most stylish and trending addition to any contemporary space. The Edison style bulbs actually feature as a design tool and can certainly have a great impact on the ambience and mood of the space. Known for its warm and soft glow, these bulbs can induce a warm, cozy and relaxing atmosphere into your home. It is no wonder that the bulbs are left exposed in most Industrial light fixtures. This serves as a unique feature as it could emphasize the soft and beautiful glow of the light. Here the wire filament plays an important role. The glowing wire filament almost gives the feeling of candle light and can induce a magical spark into your home. So these lights can certainty awaken and brighten up any space. 

So these bulbs become an integral part of any Industrial vintage inspired light. The light could certainly glam up any upscale Industrial space. The trick is to install the light at a lower level. Placing the light within the visual boundary can really enrich the experience and add warmth to the space. The lights can also allow for a clean and crisp look when aligned properly. This makes the vintage bulbs an ideal option for a kitchen. It fulfills the high demand of a highly functional and busy kitchen, providing adequate light and warmth into the space.

Yet these bulbs show off a unique flair and aura when used in an Industrial chandeliers. The lights placed upon a chandelier almost feature as a modern candle light. This soft glow allows arranging a cluster of lights for an utterly dramatic look. This remains an ideal option for an interactive space. The beautiful and warm glow can induce an intimate and romantic setting. This pleasant ambience is simply cherished in a dining area or a social gathering. So add these bulbs to your Kitchen Island, dining table or living area to induce a unique ambience in the space.

  • Base Material: Aluminum
  • Wattage: 40W
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Color Temperature: 2300K
  • Base Type: E27

These incandescent lamps are available in a variety of shapes and size. There is also a range of design in the wire filament. So you can choose the bulb that suits your style preference. In addition the design includes a high transmittance glass shade to provide a warm glow of light. Also these unique stylistic bulbs are energy efficient. So add a unique style and ambiance to your space with these efficient incandescent bulbs.