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Colorful Abstract Picasso Impression Cushion Covers

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Add a spark of color into your home with these artsy cushions. Showcasing impressions of abstract Picasso art, these cushions are a sure way to add a distinct style into your home.

These vibrant cushions feature a new trend. A trend implying that paintings are not just restricted to stationary walls, in fact can become a part of your tactile experience with these cushions. So add these undeniably artistic and vibrant cushions, to bring a lively and cheerful flair into your house.

Ranging from his blue and rose period to the birth of cubism these painting can be the true delight of your space. Paintings from Picasso’s blue period certainly express deep emotions. So the cushions accumulate a mystic charm. Yet paintings from the rose period showcase warm and inviting color. These cushions endure a youthful and refreshing aura. However the last period of cubism feature the most popular works of Picasso. These popular abstract paintings remain a product of the Picasso’s great imagination. So awaken and brighten your space with these classic artworks.

These unique and stylish cushions adorned with the most famous artwork, can definitely be the most colorful and vibrant additions. Set these vivacious and bold cushions against a white backdrop to make theseit pop out and make a powerful style statement in your house. Yet the look can also work against a single solid color. So add a distinct style and artistic value to your home with these artsy cushions.

·         Material:  Linen/Cotton
·         Size: 45cm x 45cm
·         Design: Printed 

The cushion covers use environment friendly and high quality ink that ensures a bright and vivid print. It also features a hidden zipper for easy maintenance. So these elegant and colorful cushions can easily become the limelight of your space.