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Oriental Kilim Pattern Style Cushion Covers

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Looking for something out of the box and unconventional to decorate your house with? No need to look further, these kilim oriental style cushions are just the perfect for choice you.

Taking a turn away from mainstream modern design and bringing a flavor of authenticity and rich culture, the cushions will certainly be a unique addition to your home. These cushion gets it distinct character from Turkish heritage where Kilim is a traditional hand woven tapestry design. The cutting edge diagonals and rich band of colors in fact reflect the handmade weaving technique of Kilim.

These cushions showcasing handmade prints can be just perfect for a bohemian inspired area which maintains a love for hand crafted items and natural textures. Kilim is in fact one of the oldest design tradition that were used as important tools to convey ideas and information. These cushions featuring the ancient and intricate art of communication can truly echo your bold personalities in a bohemian inspired space.

The Kilim design and pattern can also be a great way to add life and character to a space. The design involves bright warm colors that can add energy and warmth into any corner of the house. The design also creates a depth through symbolic and meaningful tribal motifs. The most popular remains an Anatolian or star motif that conveys happiness. You would also encounter an eye, right in the center that is known to protect from evil. So together with bright colors and patterns you can add a spiritual and mystic aura to your space. These oriental cushions can bring a new depth of design, color and cultural authenticity into your bohemian inspired home. Also the cushions remain quite versatile, you can place it anywhere in the house to pack some personality and character through the fantastic story of bold colors and design displayed in the cushion.

·         Material:  Linen/Cotton
·         Size: 45cm x 45cm
·         Design: Printed

The cushion covers use environment friendly and high quality ink that ensures a bright and vivid print. It also features a hidden zipper for easy maintenance. These colorful and bold cushions will easily feature as the focal point of your seating area.