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Modern Wall Planter

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Modern Wall Planter


Utilize free vertical space with this modern  wall mounted planter. This minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing design will compliment any home decor theme.

This modern wall hanging planter is designed to hold beautiful indoor plants such as cacti, succulent, and other small plants. If you’re tight in space, you can utilize your wall’s vertical space to bring more decor and style to your room. The minimalistic and Nordic vibes will enhance any room you place these planters in. The flower pots come in either black or white, keeping to that minimalistic vibe.

This geometric modern wall planter is perfect for people who love modern home design. It combines the minimalist style of the modern era, with angular Nordic geometry.

Elevate the style of your living spaces with this modern wall planter. This Nordic modern wall mounted planter comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large. The flower pot is made of acrylic while its support is made of metal. The flower pots are made with only high-quality and durable materials. The cage support of the flower pots is made with highly corrosion-resistant metal, ensuring that the design remains flawless even after years.

Having green plants or beautiful flowers placed inside rooms will always elevate it and even improve the mood of people inside. Take advantage of this modern wall  planter to show off your plant collection to friends and families in the most visual and contemporary way. The minimalist black or white design will ensure that your plants pop out and display their full beauty while complementing the surrounding theme. Try this planter out if you want to enhance the style of your walls and rooms.

Material: Metal and Acrylic

Size: Small - Medium - Large

Small: 18.5cm x 12cm

Medium: 23.2cm x 14.7cm

Large: 38cm x 23.5cm

Color: White or Black

Quantity in Package: 1 Flower Pot