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Modern Pendant Light

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Modern Pendant Light

Distinguish your decorating style with these industrial modern pendant lights that depict a little man climbing. It is a very creative lamp/bulb holder with an iron design that you will adore in any space. Specially industrial style homes.

This modern pendant light mixes sleek style with modern and minimalistic design. Designed from quality metal with a versatile solid finish, this light is quite easy to hang from the ceiling and does not cause sagging.The modern pendant light is a creative ceiling light design made to add character to your room lighting. It uses a high-quality black cartoon chandelier shaped like a climbing little man, with the lighting source (bulb) making up the head of the climbing little man.

Bring to life the art of decoration and visualize your imagination with this lighting setup. The pendant light has a cable 0-120cm long for easy adjustments. This allows you to adjust the height depending on the ceiling height or however you want it.The pendant light can use several types of bulbs. It can hold energy-saving bulbs, LED lights, and incandescent. It can hold bulbs with up to 110 voltages. Brightness and temperature will depend on the type of bulb used.

The pendant light is made from high-quality iron which is then finished with black paint. Meanwhile, the feet of the climbing man is made from resin. The simple but creative design makes this pendant light perfect as a children’s gift but can also be gifted to adults.

As a cartoon chandelier, it makes for a suitable decoration for living rooms, bedrooms, study rooms, staircases, corridors, lofts, balconies, and foyers.

The modern pendant light can have a single, double, or multiple climbing men in one holder. Get this climbing man pendant light and add an artistic style and character to your house lighting.

Spec :

Material: Iron, Resin, Metal

Light source: Halogen, LED, Incandescent

Color: Black

Number of light sources: 1-3 sources