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Minimalist White Ceramic Pot & Tray

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Minimalist White Ceramic Pot & Tray


Are you looking for a pot that will make your plant shine? This minimalist white ceramic pot & tray might be what you are looking for. It is sleek and stylish, so it will fit right into any design aesthetic that you already have in your space.

Succulents are very low maintenance plants, which makes them great for indoors. You can place them on your work desk or as a centerpiece at any table. Its beauty can even be more elevated when you put them on a minimalist pot and tray just like this product.

Its elegant ceramic white color will emphasize the beauty of the plant that you will put into it. It also has a unique shape, unlike regular rectangular or circle shaped pots. Not only that, but it also comes with a wood accent tray.

The bamboo wood accent tray contrasts very well with the entirely white ceramic color of the pot. It gives the right amount of feeling of nature, which will help invoke calmness and freshness as you look at it together with the pot and the plants.

If you think the wood accent tray is just for style, then you are mistaken. It actually has a very crafty purpose! The ceramic pot has a hole that allows excess water to drain. This will help prevent your succulent from receiving too much water and getting ruined. That excess water will then be caught by the stylish wood tray to prevent any mess to your precious tables or workspace.

If you are a plant-parent, then you should definitely get these for your beloved plants. Not only will they look beautiful, but it will also help them thrive in the environment you put it in.

Pot Size: 5.8 cm height and 17 cm width

Bamboo Wood Tray: 1.1 cm height, 8 cm width, 16.3 cm length