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Mini Bulb String Light

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Mini Bulb String Light


This cozy LED Mini Bulb String Light can enhance the mood of any room or outdoor area significantly. Spice up and add a good chill mood with these LED Ball string lights. You can change the colors based on the target mood or occasion. Go for the rainbow-colored holiday lights or the dark and moody vibe of Halloween. You can also liven up your personal room decor with these lights. Impress anyone who comes over with a delightful light show. These lights can even be used as a relaxing night light when you’re trying to doze off after a long day.

The high brightness will ensure that you experience the best quality lighting possible. Even though it's super bright, these LED mini bulbs consume very low power. Experience amazing lighting without increasing your electricity bill. These mini bulbs also emit very low heat so you won’t be heating up your rooms to an uncomfortable level. This LED mini bulb string is made using high-quality materials that are designed for maximum durability and everyday use. However, you should always keep them away from rain, mist, or any kind of dampness. These LED mini bulbs will last for years, boasting 50000 hours of uptime.

Not only are these cozy LED mini bulb strings great for indoor decors and personal rooms, but it can also be used as outdoor string lights. Light up and enhance the mood of your gardens and patios with these gorgeous LED mini bulb strings. You can use them to light your house during the holidays for the neighbors to see. Check these cozy mini bulb strings if you’re looking for high-performance and high-quality lights to enhance your home.


Material: Plastic

Voltage: AA Battery Powered

Total Length: 1.5M / 3M / 6M / 10M

Function Mode: Steady

String Color: Transparent