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Mandala Cushion Covers

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Mandala Cushion Covers

Introduce a symphony of colors into your home with these vibrant Mandala Cushion Covers.

The spiritual essence of these captivating cushions is sure to breathe a new life and energy into your home. 

These cushion covers feature Mandala designs which is one of the most exclusive and powerful geometries of all time. Known for its spectacular balance of color and intricate details. These colors combined with eye catching geometry can truly become the spotlight of your home. Yet Mandala designs extend beyond aesthetics and include a unique cultural and historical background.

In many cultures the design was used as an artistic expression to connect with the universe. Believed to have cosmic power, people thought the Mandala design could assist them on a spiritual journey. So Mandalas are always associated with a unique spiritual energy.

With these cushions you cannot only bring about a harmony of colors, but add a spiritual and mystic charm to your house.

Mandalas have a unique value in the modern world. The designs are popularly used as a meditation tool. Mandalas are considered to awaken a higher level of spirituality. It is actually believed that the harmony and unity of the design can help to concentrate, leading to higher consciousness and awareness. So these cushions can bring about a mystic and spiritual energy that can truly add to the overall experience of your house.

Thus add a distinct personality and style to your home with these splendid cushions.

The vibrant and vivacious Mandala cushions are perfect for a Bohemian inspired space. The rich colors and intricate patterns of the cushions can certainly add to the cozy and lively bohemian inspired spaces. Yet the spiritual essence of Mandala designs can enrich any bedroom and living area. It can induce a spiritual aura into the space while adding a lively spark.

So Mandala cushions are just perfect for any space where you want to add vibrant colors and give distinct personality to your home.

Specifications :

·         Material:  Polyester
·         Size: 43cm x 43cm
·         Design: Printed 

The cushion use high quality polyester to provide a tough and wrinkle free fabric that could beautifully hold the colors and textures. Also the design includes a hidden zipper to provide a clean and elegant accessory for your house.