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Multi Functional Decorative Copper String LED Fairy Lights

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Add a sparkle of colors into your home, with these fabulous copper string lights. The multi colored lights allow for endless creative possibilities to adorn and add a glistening touch into your home.

Fairy lights remain the most popular decorating tool for any house. It is actually difficult to imagine a celebration without the magical sparkle of these fairy lights. The lights could simply make your home shine and dazzle in the festive season. So gear up and get into your celebration mode with these copper string lights. Featuring multi functional LED lights, these lights can certainly allow your home to glisten in a beautiful array of brightness. The copper string remains the most efficient way to light up your house. It includes a remote control, offering ultimate control over the overall impact and feel of the fairy lights. So these string lights can truly serve as the lifeline of your house in a festive season.

These copper string lights literally come with endless creative possibilities. The string light dangling over an outdoor patio can certainly add a lively and magical flair to the space. It is also a great way to highlight your trees and plants at the night to allow a simply enchanting aura into the space. The lights contained in a jar could serve as a modern take on candle light to really glisten and glam up your space.

The possibilities of light and decorating your home are simply endless with these string lights.

So these multi colored string lights can also do wonders indoors. It is simply the perfect option to personalize and highlight any decorative wall. It can certainly allow your art gallery to sparkle in the most unique way. On the other hand a copper string light could glamorize and add life to an ordinary brick wall. Yet moving beyond festive season, these lights can induce a dreamy look into your bedroom all year round. Adorn your bedroom walls or dressing table with these colorful lights and dream your way to sleep. So these lights are definitely a great investment to add a sparkling and lively flair into your house.

  • Body Color: White
  • Material: Copper
  • Voltage: DC3V
  • Base Type: E27
  • Features: Warm White Flash Timer

The string lights employ copper for highly durable and long lasting lights. The light are 100% waterproof for efficient functioning. The remote remains the key feature which allows an auto timer that could automatically switch the lights on and off each day. The brightness of the light could also be controlled with the remote. You can also switch to different modes to alter the impact and feel of the lights. The copper string includes eight modes which offer different flash speed and sequence to achieve the desired effect.