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Oriental Japanese Art Style Cushion Covers

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Bring a a magical and charming touch of art into your home with these cushions, inspired by Japanese art.

Japanese art inherently combines and integrates nature within its designs. The connection with nature is so strong that these cushions could extend beyond just a visual depiction of nature. The focus is in fact upon the refreshing feeling and aura of these beautiful sceneries. These cushions featuring Japanese art can without a doubt evoke a feeling of calmness and serenity in your home. The design simply tends to capture and freeze the breathtaking visual, providing just the perfect accent colors for your harmonic and peaceful abode.

The unique combination of colors also creates a mystical charm. The ravishing red combined with the elegant shade of blue and enriched with a lovely pink of cherry blossom provides an exotic feel. The color lends a more dynamic feel to the visual. Also the composition, harmony and rhythm remains one of the most important element in Japanese art. So the cushions showcase powerful visual from nature with the waves emerging, the sun setting in the background and the mountains peacefully standing tall and high. The scene is further enhanced by the spiritual quality where mountains, clouds, river and sea are all symbolic design elements in Japanese art. The great wave represents power while the clouds represent elegance and high status. These symbols combined in a dynamic, breathtaking and tranquille setting can give an aura of mysticism and spirituality. So enhance and uplift your space with these oriental cushions, with a tropical and exotic color scheme combined with unworldly and spiritual experience. 

·         Material:  Linen/Cotton
·         Size: 45cm x 45cm
·         Design: Printed

These cushion covers use environment friendly and high quality ink that ensures a bright and vivid print. It also features a hidden zipper for easy maintenance. These elegant and colorful cushions will easily become the limelight of your space.