Ukiyoe Poster

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Ukiyoe Poster

These Japanese ukiyoe art posters showcase beautiful women in the traditional Ukiyo-e style. Which is a Japanese art style that dating back to the  17th century and been a part of the Japanese culture ever since.

Show your versatility by adding art from across the world to your home. Enhance your walls’ appearance with a decorative Japanese ukiyoe art poster today. Featuring simple and classic design, these Japanese art ukiyoe posters add personality to the walls. They show cultural versatility and awareness.

The ukiyoe posters also have a classic elegant look with muted colors which blends well with a traditional themed interior design of a room. They also complement modern decorations by adding a classical and elegant look to the walls.

Each one is made from high-quality kraft paper. The kraft paper is highly puncture- and tear-resistant. It also has a bitumen layer that keeps the posters moisture-free. The posters use waterproof ink which protects the painting from runoff. The spray paint technique used ensures that the images are crystal clear. You can see each detail of the paintings without straining your eyes. Each painting is designed with pinpoint accuracy to produce high-quality images.

The posters are available in various sizes and prints. They are not framed but the design provides room for framing without interrupting the design.

The ukiyoe posters are unique wall decors that catch the eye of your visitors with its sophisticated elegance. They bring a certain uniqueness to modern decoration and mix well with other kinds of décor. They seamlessly spice up a room’s décor in a subtle way, livening up a room with each one. These ukiyoe art posters can be used to decorate walls in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, corridors, kitchen, or even offices.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a Ukiyoe poster today and add classical Japanese culture to your wall décor.



Material: Kraft Paper

Style: Traditional Ukiyoe

Frame: No frame