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Industrial Cluster Pendant Light

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Industrial Cluster Pendant Light

Add a bold and playful vintage flair to your space with these Industrial Cluster Pendant Lights. The customizable light fixture allows for endless creative possibilities to add an Industrial edge to your space.

The ceiling light includes a cluster of pendants for a functionally efficient yet immensely stylish way to light up your home. Featuring a black metallic finish with exposed bulbs, the design celebrates a vintage flair for an utterly modern and playful ceiling light. Yet the highlight of this light fixture remains the unique suspension system that allows for a customizable ceiling light.

A single ceiling fixture accommodates several suspensions each accompanied by a ceiling hook. These ceiling hooks allow altering the height and placement of each pendant suspension according to your own preference. The result is a ceiling light with endless creative possibilities. The ultimately modern light fixture could simply complement any setting.

This contemporary industrial cluster pendant light certainly takes a step away from conventional light fixtures, leading to unique design possibilities. The light can take a shift from essentially symmetric and centralized light fixture. In fact you could give your room an Industrial edge through this ultimately playful and asymmetric ceiling light.

This light also enables the possibility to light up a dull corner of a room. It could feature as a powerful design statement in the space. So this ceiling light could certainly complement and uplift any type of ceiling or space dynamics.

Utilize this cluster of Industrial pendant lights to the fullest, by adding a bold and playful vibe into your home. The lights could effortlessly highlight and become the limelight of your kitchen island or dining area. This light fixture also remains ideal to add life to a tall hallway or entry passage. Yet the ceiling light can do wonders in a bedroom or living area. The lights could fit in any corner as a stylish and artistic design feature. The exuberant display of exposed bulb adds another layer; to bring a touch of Industrial vintage flair into the space. So this ceiling light remains the perfect option for any minimalistic or Industrial space where the ceiling light could stand alone as the key design feature.


  • Body Color: Black
  • Material: Iron, Ceramic, Aluminum
  • Voltage: AC220V
  • Base Type: E27
  • Bulbs: (NOT Included)
  • Suspension Arms: 3, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 arm set

This highly customizable ceiling light offers a variety in the number of suspension arms. So you could easily choose a light fixture that suits your preference and requirement. Also the light fixture includes plastic suspension cords with a metal body for a convenient and durable design. The fixture is designed to showcase the warmth of Edison style bulb and can add a soft glow into any space. So these ceiling lights are the ultimate option to uplift and enhance the ambience of your home.