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Multi Armed Contemporary Industrial Lights

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These multi-directional pendant lights celebrating bold modern design with a vintage flair can make a powerful design statement in your house.

The exuberant display of wrought iron rods and exposed bulbs is a great way introduce mid century charm into your modern abode. As the wrought iron rods are modified to its thinnest perfection to reflect a modern design. These slim and crisp black rods float above in multiple direction to give way to a unique design.

A design that shows off a robust and dynamic geometry, instilling a vigor of energy into any room of the house. Therefore the unique combination of two stylistic features and the striking geometry makes it an irresistible choice. Struggling to make a powerful design statement these bold and playful industrial lights remain a perfect choice.  

Also the unique geometry allows these industrial lights to effortlessly merge into any setting. Fan of modern interior spaces but not sure which style to opt for? These versatile pendant lights will solve the problem. It can easily break the monotony of any dull or boring space, standing alone as the key design feature. Further these industrial vintage lights are ideal for elongated spaces, especially for defining a functional area. The crisp and bold lines of these pendants floating above a dining table can help in defining and lifting up your dining space. It can also serve as the focal point of your living room, bedroom or entryway, vouching for a dramatic visual in every space. 

- Body Color: Black
- Material: Iron
- Voltage: AC110-260V 50/60Hz
- Base Type: E27

- Bulbs: (NOT Included)

Lastly the design gives a great coverage of light as the bulb extend in multiple direction. Emitting light in different directions, the design enables to amplify light and serve as great ambient lighting in your home. Also the bulbs are left exposed not only to induce a industrial vibe but to provide a nice warm glow in any space. Hence make your house feel warm, lively and playful with these industrial home lights.