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Versatile Grey Patterned Cushion Covers

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Struggling to mix and match different colors? These charming grey cushions can definitely solve your problem. The versatile grey pattern velvet cushions can provide just the perfect finishing touches to almost any room. 

The cushions feature the ultimately charming and elegant color grey. Being one of the most versatile colors, it is officially claimed as the contemporary neutral color. Thus the ultimately comfortable and soft velvet cushions can strike just the perfect balance in any space. Adding to this versatility remains the huge variety of patterns. The cushions are simply adorned with a wide array of pattern ranging from bold cutting edge patterns to soft floral patterns. So feel free and enjoy choosing the pattern that reflects your style and personality.

The grey being a perfect neutral color is simply ideal for any Industrial or Minimalistic space. It can simply outshine in these contemporary spaces, adding a touch of sophistication and charm. The soft velvety texture adds another layer of elegance that can bring a rich and opulent look together. Yet these versatile cushions could serve as the supporting element of any room. The chevron, stripes and polka dots patterns are simply the most classic pattern that could certainly complement any look. Imagine these patterns with a bright yellow, hot pink or any bright color for that matter. The cushions can tone down the brightness to feature the most elegant, fun filled and lively look.

So matching these grey cushions with different colors can just bring out the perfect combination.

Yellow and grey are an ultimate classic to pull off one of the liveliest combination while paired with navy blue the cushions can bring utmost elegance. So these soft and comfortable velvet cushions can be the binding element of your space, bringing the entire look together.

·         Material:  Velvet
·         Size: 45cm x 45cm
·         Design: Printed

The super soft velvet cushions are sure to be a comfortable addition to your home. The cover includes a hidden zipper for a clean and elegant look. So these cushions can add style, comfort and warmth into your house design.