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Palm Leaf Cushion Covers

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Palm Leaf Cushion Covers

Bring a glimpse of outdoors into your interior space with these palm leaf printed cushion covers. The artistic strokes and intricate details are sure to awaken your space in the most unique way.

The cushions maintain a love for nature. Perfectly featuring the inherent beauty of green tropical plants, the cushions remain the easiest way to bring nature inside your home. Add these cushions anywhere in the house to bring an ultimately lively, pleasant and inviting space.

The cushion covers include a large variety of exotic plants from palm leaves and fern fronds to a thorny cactus. The detail of each plant is showcased so beautifully that you could almost feel different textures. Being captured with so much depth, the lush green feeling and the pleasant aura of being surrounded by plants can instantly follow to add a lively flair to your home.

With a growing urge to connect with nature, one of the most trending style nowadays remains tropical inspired spaces. So these cushions can certainly add an extra punch to any modern tropical interior space. The cushions could also give perfect finishing touches to a farmhouse inspired design. Yet if you want to induce a pleasant and lively aura into your space with a touch of nature, these cushions are just the perfect option. The cushions can single handedly awaken any modern or contemporary space to the lovely aura of nature. 

·         Material:  Linen/Cotton
·         Size: 45cm x 45cm
·         Design: Printed

The cushion covers use high quality cotton linen that is nice and comfortable to touch. The covers are removable and washable for easy maintenance. It also includes a hidden zipper for a clean and crisp look. So these cushions can certainly add style, comfort and warmth into your home.