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Geometric Yellow Cushion Covers

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Are you tired of plain old cushion covers? Try these simple but fun geometric cushion covers with hints of yellow tone colors.

With a geometric design and a variety of rich yellow tone colors, these cushion covers will set a modern and Scandinavian vibe to your spaces. The subtle pop of yellow colors complimented by neutral cream and blue tones will make it an eye-catching design element whether you use it in living rooms or bedrooms. Furthermore, the color yellow emits cheerfulness and warmth. It can help enhance vision, confidence, communication, and memory. It also makes your space not only beautiful but relaxing and stimulating. Overall, the combination of geometric design and yellow tones creates a personality for the space that screams fun, fresh, and well-put-together.

This cushion cover is more than just a design element. It is a functional addition to your home. It can help make your cushions last longer and protect it against dirt. It has a soft texture that will make you feel comfortable when using it. Who says you cannot be stylish and purposeful at the same time?

The dimension of this cushion cover is 45 cm x 45 cm. If that is not enough for you or you want a smaller one to fit your cushion, you can request a customized size. The type of fabric used on this cushion cover is linen. It is a soft but durable fabric that retains design very well even after multiple washes. The fabric is also wrinkle-free, so no need to spend your precious time ironing this cushion cover.

You have several design choices to choose from. Whether you want bold geometric patterns and bright colors or subtle lines and single color, there is a choice. Regardless of what you decide to choose, as long as it sparks joy in you, then that is the right decision.