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Geometric Marble Design Cushions Covers

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Had your ways with heavy floral patterns and design? Then these imprinted cushion with marble designs is the new trending item that you want in your house.

Flaunting a simple geometry, soft and earthy color palette with natural design prints of marble, the cushions set a modern and contemporary tone for your space. A contemporary era in which marble establishes a new mark of sophistication. Therefore these cushions are a perfect accessory for refining your interior space, to bring about a glamorous yet elegant spin to your home.   

Marble designs and soft accent colors remain one of the most happening and trendy thing in the post modern world. So why should one of your key elements of you home design such as cushion covers, be left behind. Cushion covers are a great way to give character to a room hence these marble inspired cushions can serve as a great complement to your home. Its style profile allows the accessory to merge with any contemporary setting. The cushions can accentuate the luxurious settings of a Scandinavian inspired home. It could also work towards introducing an industrial vibe into your urban home or simply perfecting your minimalistic interior space. The cushion can truly provide the best finishing touches to your modern interior space. 

The soft accent colors also enable the cushion to stand out serving as a key design feature. The color palette of the cushion can allow to effortlessly blend and complement the soft neutral color of your minimalistic interior space. Also providing minute detail and sophistication with the calming and soothing marble textures. Hence the cushions can do wonders in providing the perfect finishing touches to your minimalistic haven.

However this is not enough, you can also play the other way round by using these cushions to tone down your bold and luxurious design. Marble textures can serve as a classic combination with bold royal colors such as emerald green and indigo. A bright backdrop paired with the soft neutral color and texture of the cushion is sure to uplift and glamorize your space.

- Material: Polyester
- Size: 45cm X 45cm
- Design: Print

Lastly these handmade cushions are 100% polyester to provide a tough and wrinkle free fabric to hold the beautiful colors and textures. Also the design includes a hidden zipper to provide a clean and elegant accessory for your house.