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Geometric Green Style Cushion Cover

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Elevate your room decor with these sophisticated geometric green style cushion covers. It's elegant geometric design and subtle hints of earth tone colors will give your space a fresh new look.

These geometric green style cushion covers are perfect for modern and minimalist spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms. It creates a subtle focal point over a plain canvas and adds more depth to space's overall aesthetics. Earth tone colors are very in-demand nowadays. Neutral hues create a calming effect on those who are inside the room. Combined with an attractive geometric pattern, these geometric cushion covers will add a stunning design feature in your space.

The color scheme and design pattern of these cushion covers make it very versatile. It not only fits modern and minimalist designs but also to those who want to achieve tropical, industrial, and Scandinavian aesthetics. It is simple yet lovely, so it does not overpower other design elements that you already have. With these geometric cushion covers, achieving overall cohesion with all of your design elements is more than possible.

These geometric cushion covers are not only beautiful but functional as well. It will protect your pillows against dust and other types of dirt, making it last longer. It also helps in keeping your pillows hygienic because these cushion covers are washable. Washing it is very easy, you can soak it in water with fabric soap and then leave to air dry, and you can reuse it again. The dimension of these cushion covers is 45 cm x 45 cm. However, you have the option to customize the size according to your needs.

Don't miss out on these beautiful and attractive geometric pillow cases. They are sure to be a great design addition to your space that serves a very functional purpose. Place an order now before they are sold out!