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Plush & Comfortable Faux Fur Cushion Covers

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Plush & Comfortable Faux Fur Cushion Covers

Flaunt a warm, comfy and luxurious look with these stunning faux fur cushions. These delicately soft cushions can definitely bring an array of rich, sumptuous and inviting textures into your home.

The cushions showcase rich and luscious fur texture. So it can definitely add a wonderful tactile experience into your home. Being delicately soft and comfortable, the cushion is simply an invitation to relax and sink into your sofa. So these cushions can most definitely bring a warm, cozy and welcoming sensation into your home. The cushions are also ideal to glam up your space. The rich and plush texture instantly adds a touch of luxury for a cozy and sumptuous look. So the cushions remain the best way to induce an ultimately warm, cozy and luxurious aura into your home.

These cushions also offer a rich tonal variety. Ranging from bright vivid colors to soft neutral colors, these fur cushions can be used throughout the year. The ultimately gorgeous shades of pink can bring a refined feminine look. Yet pairing the bright aqua blue with neutral shades of grey can bring about a soothing and refreshing aura. Last but not the least the royal purple can hint at an ultimately luxurious and glamorous look. Yet you can mix and match to create a look that reflects your personality.

The greatest feature remains the warm, cozy and inviting feeling of these cushions. So it sure is an ideal option for your bedroom. The cushion can just invite you to cuddle and sink in to your bed. It can also help provide a warm and comfy atmosphere in your living room. So with these cushion you can definitely add a cozy opulence into your home.

·         Material:  Faux Wool Fur
·         Size: 40cm x 40cm, 45cm x 45cm, 50cm x 50cm
·         Design: Flocked

The cushions made of high quality faux wool are delightfully soft and comfortable. The covers are available in a variety of size. So you can place these cushion anywhere in the house for a warm, inviting and ultimately cozy space.