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Flamboyant Flamingo Design Cushion Covers

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Express yourself with these youthful, fresh and vibrant cushions, celebrating the grace and elegance of Flamingo.

These cushions celebrate the flamboyant pose of the flamingo standing gracefully on its beautiful slender legs. The dynamic pose serves as an expression of balance, creativity and strong emotions. So express your bold and vibrant personality with these exceptionally graphic cushions. The loving and extremely social animal can feature your personality in the most fun filled and playful manner. Also the vivacious pink color provides just the right punch to these charming cushions. So beyond the fascinating and attractive visual of the exotic flamingo, the cushions can extend and bring a sense of your cheerful and lively personality to your home.

The flamboyant flamingo cushions are also a great way to introduce the bold and lively color pink into your home. The pink evolves beyond femininity, representing an uncanny innocence and youthfulness. Combined with shades of teal, the cushions can provide with the utmost charm and elegance to your home. The cushions can add life to almost any dead corner of the house. It can bring a magical and lively flair, providing perfect finishing touches to any girls room. Yet it can also give a bold and cheerful punch to your living room. So go ahead and celebrate the beauty of the exotic animal with these sensational cushions bringing tropical elegance into your own home.

·          Material:  Linen/Cotton
·          Size: 45cm x 45cm
·          Design: Printed

The cushion covers use natural cotton and linen fabric that is durable and eco friendly. The printing technique ensures that the colors are bright and long lasting. So do not hesitate and make the most out of your home by adding these colorful and comfortable cushion covers.