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Cute Cartoon Style Cushion Covers

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Add a splash of colors and fun filled graphics into your home with these vibrant cushions. Featuring whimsical yet undeniably adorable imagery, these cushions can truly bring your space to life.

The cushions maintain affection for cute and adorable cartoon characters. Showcasing these characters in the most colorful way, the cushions can simply become the highlight of your space. So make your space stand out with these vibrant cushions. Also if you love being surrounded by cute, colorful and amusing graphics, these cushions are just perfect for you. It can simply serve as the extension of your cheerful personality to bring a playful and lively aura into your house.

These vibrant cushions can add an array of colors and life into any space of the house. It can just do wonders in a kid’s room. The playful and lively aura of these cushions is definitely in line with the cheerful personalities of our little ones. So these cushions can certainly be a wonderful addition to your kid’s room. Yet the cushions can add a spark in just any space. It can bring a truly cheerful and lively aura into a living room. However putting these cushions altogether in one place may not be the best idea. In fact add a solid color of a similar shade to bring contrast. It can allow the cushion to really pop out and make a statement in your house. So add a distinct style and cheerful flair into your home with these delightful additions.

·         Material:  Polyester
·         Size: 40cm x 40cm, 45cm x 45cm
·         Design: Printed

These handmade cushions are 100% polyester to provide a tough and wrinkle free fabric to hold the beautiful colors and textures. Also the design includes a hidden zipper to provide a clean and elegant accessory for your house.