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DIY - Claude Monet Canvas Wall Art

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 DIY - Claude Monet Canvas Wall Art

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Feel the healing powers of art therapy! DIY Wall Art 

Now with this  DIY - Claude Monet Canvas Wall Art you can be your own favorite artist! 
Make your home stand out and look great with this DIY style Wall Art on your wall. 
Paint the Painting yourself by filling out the numbers with colors attached to them. Everything is included, painting brushes, canvas template and acrylic oil colors in all the varieties that you need to create this masterpiece.


Art therapy is therapeutic method based on the notion that creative expression can help healing and mental health. As a medium of expression, art can facilitate sharing emotions, communicate, control stress and explore various aspects of ones own personality. It is believed that the creative process that occurs during the artistic expression help people with conflict and problem resolution, controlling behavior and emotions, interpersonal skills, stress reduction, self-esteem and insight.

Product Specifications:

Size : 40*50 cm 
Material: Canvas
Style: Impressionism
Medium: Oil