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Black and White City Maps

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Black and White City Maps

Your favorite city from above!

Great art doesn’t need to be overflowing with colors or abstract designs. Sometimes simplicity and elegance can make for truly gorgeous wall art which is exactly what this minimal wall art offers.

Create an accent wall and add a splash of elegant yet minimalistic art to your walls to upscale the look of your décor. This minimalistic wall art is the perfect choice for anyone that wants to add more charm to their boring walls without going overboard with colors to help you create a relaxing place in your home. 

Featuring high levels of detail, pin-point accuracy, along with premium quality paper and inks, our Black & White city map wall art is a creative, unique and simply gorgeous way to add a touch of personality to any wall you want.

This Black and White City Maps blends a minimalistic art style with a map of your favorite city to add more personality and elegance to the décor of your home, the office, or anywhere else want to add more class to.

So stop waiting and style your walls with some of the most relaxing, elegant and eye-catching art today!

Product Specifications :

Frame : No Frame
Material : Canvas
Design : Print

Size : Various

These city maps can be hung anywhere you would like as they are minimal and in black and white, which makes them be able to melt into any decor style seamlessly or even be able to take the focal point. Use dimmers in latter case for best visual representation.