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Minimal 3 Piece Plant Stand

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Minimal 3 Piece Plant Stand

Who says you can’t enjoy nature while indoors?

With this minimal 3-piece set of ceramic flower pots that comes with its own 3-tier bamboo plant stand, you can add a touch of elegance and bring a piece of nature into your home or office space – perfect for the nature lover inside of you.

Each pot stands at 4.2cm tall with a width of 8.2cm while the 3-tier stand has an overall height of 31cm and a base that’s 18cm wide.

Because of this, these minimalistic flower pots can hold smaller decorative plants like succulents, flowers, or even bonsais. Their small and compact sizes allow them to serve as the perfect companions on your desk, providing you with a refreshing sight even while at work.

The minimal 3 piece plant stand, on the other hand, allows you to save valuable space on your desk by elevating each pot so you can see each one clearly. Spruce up a dull day at work with a small plant of your own that you can place in one of these ceramic flower plants with a modern style display stand.

Combining it with the ceramic pots can also serve as the perfect centerpiece for your coffee table, bringing a piece of nature into your home. Due to its simple and elegant design, it doesn’t take away from the rest of your décor, instead, it enhances it and effectively brightens up any room it’s placed in.

Stir up feelings of calmness and tranquility by gazing into a piece of nature that you can keep safe with this minimal 3 piece plant stand with set of ceramic pots and display them proudly on its included modern style bamboo display stand.

What are you waiting for? Get a set and add a piece of nature to your indoor space now.