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Charming Navy Blue Pattern Style Cushion Covers

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Navy blue is truly a color that you do not want to miss out on having in your home. It remains one of the most happening and trending color of this decade. These cushion covers will allow you to experience and enjoy the elegance and charm of the navy blue color.

This comfortable addition to your home features a wide variety of patterns and designs for a refreshing and lively space. The colors effortlessly hint at luxury and maturity while adding a cheerful and lively depth into your home. This lively aura is enhanced when the rich blue color is infused with white to create a dramatic eye catching contrast that could become the limelight of your seating area. This classic combo can certainly strike a unique charm while showcasing a beautiful range of patterns. These cushions, without a doubt are the most sophisticated and elegant way to add color into your home. Combined with a charming white, the cushions are extremely versatile. Use it in a neutral setting or a contrasting backdrop, the cushions are sure to offer utmost charm and sophistication.

Another bold feature is the variety of patterns these cushions offer from sharp cutting edge geometry to free flowing patterns. The rhythmic geometric lines and classic chevron will add different layer of detailing to your modern abode. The patterns become more dramatic and fun filled, featuring imagery inspired by the deep blue sea. This dynamic variety allows for endless possibilities to combine, mix and match the cushion according to your taste and personality. So enjoy mixing these heavily patterned cushion with some solid colors to bring a charming and sophisticated sensation. You can also go for an array of patterns to add a refreshing detail to your space. This array of cushions can become the focal point of the space to breath class and elegance into your house.  

·         Material:  Linen/Cotton
·         Size: 45cm x 45cm
·         Design: Printed

The cushion cover uses high quality cotton linen that is nice and comfortable to touch. Also the natural texture of the cushion covers can provide a sense of  warmth to the space. These cushions will ultimately add style, comfort and warmth into your house design.