Artsy Linen Storage Baskets

Artsy Linen Storage Baskets

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Artsy Linen Storage Baskets

Looking for a way to free up some space? Offering the most convenient size and shapes, these small artsy storage baskets are a perfect solution to organize your home. Enjoy clutter free zones in your home with these colorful and vibrant storage baskets.

These artsy storage baskets remain the most useful tool to organize and clean any corner of your house. Offering an incredibly convenient size these baskets could be simply tucked or put in anywhere. So the storage baskets are certainly an ideal choice for organizing your desk. Featuring bright and vibrant colors with fun filled imagery these storage basket can definitely add a new spark of energy to your desk.

The storage baskets are simply perfect for a kid’s bedroom where there is always a demand for extra storage. Also it could easily be placed on a shelf, desk or simply tucked under the bed. So these baskets could add a lively and cheerful flair into your kid’s room while storing their toys, books or any other clutter in the room. Being waterproof, it is also ideal for storing your kid’s shoes or dirty laundry.

Yet available in the most convenient size, these storage baskets can easily become part of your desk to organize and tidy up your workspace. The rectangular shape of the basket allows to neatly arrange your books. Yet it is also a great way to store your useful stationery in an stylish way. The basket is also an ideal option to neatly arrange your pillow and throws in a bedroom or living area. Lastly being waterproof it is the best option for bathroom where could neatly arrange towels or store your toiletries. Thus these baskets are simply the most versatile and convenient storage solution for your house.

·         Material:  Linen Cloth
·         Size: 20.5cm x 16.5cm x 12.5cm
·         Design: Printed
·         Shape: Rectangular box shape, Round box shape

The convenient shape and size allows the storage basket to be placed anywhere around the house. It is also waterproof to allow for various storage possibilities.  The fabric is wear resistant and durable for long term usage. The basket can also be folded and put aside when not being used. So tidy up and organize your home with these storage baskets.