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70s Inspired Cushion Covers

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70s Inspired Cushion Covers

Cushion Covers with 1970s inspired style design!

We all know that boho style is very popular and chic. The boho style is often associated with popular designs from the 70s. The design style is both retro and modern which makes it timeless. Today this design style is referred to as modern retro.

These modern retro 70s inspired cushion covers showcase a perfect touch of that era. With stunning acidic pattern styles and colors, you get to enjoy some really exciting vibes from the 70s. That decade was all about cool patterns and psychedelic colors.

The modern retro style of today is often associated with the popular designs of that era. During those decades large areas (walls, carpets, drapes) could be covered in psychedelic and vibrant colors and patterns.

Both retro and modern these 70s inspired cushion covers will fit beautifully into any traditional or modern space. Whether you want to create that retro vibe or add some color to a room, these cushion covers suits that need perfectly!

Cushions are one of the most effective ways to add a perfect touch of accent color and character to any room. As soon as you put the cushions where they belong you may feel like a theme is coming together. With the right cushion cover, you will be able to help create a certain vibe and set the perfect mood in any room of your home.

These cushions can be used for decoration, comfort and accent color in any room They can also help to add and display a sense of your personality or personal sense of style. 


Specifications :

- Material: Cotton & Linen

- Size: 45cm X 45cm

- Design: Print


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