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3 Tier Bamboo Plant Stand

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3 Tier Bamboo Plant Stand 

This cute set embodies the simple yet adorable vibe that small planter enthusiasts look for. Modern yet simple designs are a huge hit these days. This 3 tier bamboo plant stand comes with ceramic planters that have different design options.

The 3 tier bamboo plant stand is just the perfect size to hold small potted plants such as succulents, a bonsai, or flower. These planters sit on a simple and sleek 3-tiered shelf made of bamboo. Which means the set is perfect for small apartments or any type of home that like indoor plants and natural materials. You can pretty much place this anywhere you want; preferably near a window so that the plants can take in sunlight. A hole is present for each planter so that water and air can adequately flow through the soil to keep your plants healthy and lively.

This small adorable planter set can make a great gift for loved ones who just moved into a new house or apartment. Also, its size and design make it convenient and easy to incorporate in any home interior.

This set will enhance any room decor by bringing in that much-needed nature vibes with green plants or beautiful flowers.

The 3 tier bamboo stand is very easy to install and highly durable. It is also great for use, both indoors and outdoors. For example an outdoor owl planter can spice up your garden or patio. Combining the cute designs of the owl planters with the sleek and simple design of the bamboo shelf; this set will be a great addition to your home decor.


Product Specifications:

Material: Bamboo stand & Ceramic pots
Package Includes: 3 Tier Bamboo Shelf & 3 Flower Pots
Flower Pot Size: 6x7x5cm
Style: Modern Minimal


It has been specifically designed to house any small plants such succulents or other small plants and will complement any house decor theme seamlessly.

Try them out and see how it enhances your home decor to the next level. 

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