About Us

What’s your idea of a perfect home? Is it the one with all the luxuries they show in the movies? Wait, is it the one with all the latest gadgets that do everything, so that you can just relax? Perhaps, you’d like a pool, a sauna, or huge garden then?

Well, sure. We all love the cool features. But, are they what make your house a home?

For us at DecorDevotion, home is more than just the things in it. It’s how you feel. It feels intimate; it feels deeply personal; it’s where your heart lies. Therefore, your perfect home should get you all excited just to be home every day.

Your perfect home should be a universe unto itself – Your Universe. A universe that you love and protect from the outside world. A universe that’s yours, where you can have what you want. In other words, your ideal home is an extension and expression of yourself.

Our mission is to help you make a house warm and personal, which you not only call home, but where you FEEL at home too.


Our Goal

Our primary goal is to help everyone express their passion, love, style, and individual taste in the form of art – home art. We offer a wide range of interior design and home décor products that allow you to personalize every aspect of your home. Our curated collection includes wall art, throw pillow cover art, plants & pots, lighting, baskets, and the list goes on. We offer chic and elegant designs for every room and occasion – kitchen & dining, living room, home garden, and more.

DecorDevotion is also a way for us to share and celebrate our passion for Nordic and Scandinavian designs with you.

If our home decor products inspire you to express yourself on the biggest canvas of your life – your home – then we consider our mission accomplished.


Our Inspiration

We are inspired by art everywhere around us – in nature, in our everyday life, the abstract, the manmade, and everything else. All of this is reflected in the most sublime way in the Scandinavian way of life that cherishes humility over extravagance. Scandinavian and Nordic designs celebrate the quality of life here in all its myriad forms – the subtle, the colorful, the minimalist, the joyful, and the sombre.

With DecorDevotion, you get to indulge in your passion for everything Scandinavian and let the artist in you bloom and express yourself through various of our carefully selected items.