Ukiyoe Wall Art

Ukiyoe Wall Art

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Ukiyo-e Wall Art



The Ukiyo-e art is a classic form of Japanese art. It is considered one of the most significant art genres during the Tokugawa period. Many of this genre’s art pieces incorporate both native Japanese and foreign realism elements.


Ukiyo-e artworks usually depicted many of Japan’s entertainment districts in its urban centers. Typical subjects included courtesans, kabuki actors, and others.


Adding one of these artworks to your space can take your art game to a whole new level. These artworks can serve as the perfect accents to a bare wall with their elegant vintage appearance.


While they depict classical Japanese art, these art pieces are made with a modern twist. Rather than printing the designs on wooden blocks, these artworks are spray-painted onto cotton canvases, allowing you to put them up on your wall.


These designs are perfect for any room, whether it’s your bedroom or your living room. Ukiyo-e art designs add a touch of elegance and classic Japanese beauty to any space without being too overwhelming.


The classic nature of these designs makes them ideal for any type of space, whether it’s a sleek and modern home or one that features a vintage aesthetic.


Each print comes in 8 different designs, allowing you to pick the best one for your space. The artworks come as borderless by default, which enables you to put them up without a frame. However, you can request borders to make room for frames if needed.


With these artworks, you can elevate your space to a whole new level. So, what are you waiting for? Show off your sophisticated side with one of these Ukiyoe art pieces today.




  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Orientation: Portrait/Vertical
  • Canvas Material: Cotton
  • Technique Used: Spray Painting
  • Style: Classic and vintage
  • With Frame: No
  • Borders: Borderless by default, 4cm border by request