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Vintage Ship Poster

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Vintage Ship Poster

Nothing completes a room’s overall rustic and cozy aesthetic like a vintage printed poster hung on the wall. Posters like this are the typical favorites of old souls with a fine love for detail, and this versatile design can suit a bedroom wall as well as a restaurant function hall.

A perfect accessory to complete a blank wall, and a great addition to suit your interiors, a vintage ship poster like this is neither complicated to place or difficult to put up. This image of an ancient maritime warship is delicately printed on high-quality kraft paper that you can easily stick on a baseboard before mounting it to your wall. The sheet, however, does not come with a frame, so this gives you the freedom to choose the kind of frame you prefer.

The details of this great warship design include an interior section and a side elevation profile. The drawings are of intricately detailed drafting and linework, with each part of the ship labeled and written with elaborate calligraphy carefully placed on the sheet. This piece of work is well-preserved and carefully reproduced through the printing process, and you can see that the lines of ink are crisp and discernable for reading. You won’t have to worry about any blotting over time. However, we recommend this poster be stored and placed at a considerable distance from anything moist and damp in order to preserve its integrity.

One look at this masterpiece and you’re sure to be drawn back to an era gone by. Such a poster can easily spark your love for the ancient arts, Architecture, and Engineering – even for interior design. This vintage ship poster is a decorative piece with a high-quality print that will surely give you the bang for your buck. We also have many more varieties of this product that you can choose from. Feel free to check other designs that may better suit your taste.



Material: Non-stick Kraft Paper

Process: Printing

Size: 57.5x51.5cm