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Exclusive Hand Weaved Eclectic Plant Baskets

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Uplift and freshen up your space with these handmade plant baskets. Using natural technique to weave contemporary patterns and colors, these baskets feature an utterly modern and sophisticated design.

These exclusive handmade baskets feature as the most unique addition to your home. Adding a contemporary twist to a traditional rattan patchwork, the baskets effortlessly integrate modern colors and shape into the natural weave. The result is a stunning and attractive storage basket that can stand alone as the key feature of any room. These modern baskets remain simply perfect to store and nurture plants in your home. So this unique and intricate patchwork holding a plant can ultimately uplift any dead corner of your house.

To gain maximum advantage of these handmade baskets, add a planter to enrich and refresh the environment of your house. It could have a great impact on your health and wellbeing. The presence of a planter can uplift your mood and bring about a refreshing aura in the space. So these natural baskets are a great way to upgrade your workspace. Put it on the floor, worktop or place it above a shelf or storage cabinets to utilize the dead space. These are also ideal to induce a relaxing environment in your bedroom or living room. Yet it can do wonders in a small balcony, making it an ultimate space to relax and enjoy the refreshing air that surrounds these plants. So make a unique style statement and update your living space.

Also the unique blend of colors and shapes into the natural patchwork makes these baskets a delightful sight. So it can also be used alone to feature as a unique design detail of your house while storing all your essentials and necessities. Use it in the living room to store books, newspaper or magazine. Also all your linens from bedding, pillows and blankets can hide behind the gorgeous patchwork of the basket. Ideal for any bohemian inspired space these baskets can serve as the most unique accessory for your home. So organize your home with these unique, colorful and stylish storage baskets.

·         Material:  Sea Grass
·         Size: 22cm x 20cm, 32cm x 28cm, 38cm x 36cm
·         Design: Hand weaved
·         Shape: Round organic shape

Available in a variety of sizes these basket offer endless storage possibilities. With the provision of handles the baskets remain portable and can be easily transported. Yet you could also fold the handles for a free standing bowl style basket. The construction of the basket is durable enough for long term usage. The basket can also be folded and put aside when not being used. So brighten up your space with these storage baskets.