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Exclusive Contemporary Hand Weaved Plant Baskets

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Add a lively and refreshing aura into your space with these handmade baskets. Combining modern aesthetics with traditional patchwork, these baskets are ideal to add a spark of color into your home.

These storage baskets display the warmth of natural textures in the most unique way. The intricate patchwork is finished by a solid layer of color to highlight the exclusive shape of these handmade baskets. This striking contrast also does wonders in bringing a fresh and modern touch into your home. The basket enjoys modern aesthetics while the intricate patchwork allows to instantly connect with nature. So these baskets remain an ideal choice for holding and nurturing plants in your house. These plant baskets could simply add life into any dead corner of your house. Yet showcasing unique design, intricate patchwork and a variety of colors, these baskets can stand alone as an exclusive design accessory of your home.

Plants are considered the living decoration of the house and extend beyond great visuals. In fact planters can physically renew and refresh the air around you for an ultimately pleasant experience. So introduce plants around your house with these modern storage baskets. It is a perfect choice for workspaces that involve prolong period of work. So put it on the floor, worktop or place it above shelves and cabinets to utilize dead corners. Another busy and functional space that could benefit from these plant baskets remains kitchen. Add a lively and refreshing aura into your kitchen by introducing planters on the surface of your island or countertops. There is also an increased focus towards inducing a relaxing atmosphere in bathroom. In this case these plant baskets remain the most convenient option to induce a calming aura into your bathroom.

These storage baskets are also a great way to introduce color into your house. Offering a wide variety from soft pastel colors to deep shades of blue, these baskets are sure to add a lively and cheerful aura in the space. Use it in your living room or bedroom to store books, newspaper, magazines, pillows and throws while adding a spark of colors into the space. The convenient shape and size of the basket also allows it to be used as a hand bag to hold your grocery items. So these exclusive baskets allow for endless storage possibilities. Ideal for any modern tropical inspired space, these baskets can serve as a unique accessory for your home.

·         Material:  Tropical Sea Grass
·         Size: 22cm x 20cm, 27cm x 24cm, 32cm x 28cm
·         Design: Hand weaved
·         Shape: Round organic shape 

Available in a variety of size these basket offer endless storage possibilities. With the provision of handles the baskets remain portable and can be easily transported. Yet you could also fold the handles for a free standing bowl style basket. The construction of the basket is durable enough for long term usage. The basket can also be folded and put aside when not being used. So brighten up your space with these storage baskets.