Elegant Navy Blue Patterned Cushion Covers

Elegant Navy Blue Patterned Cushion Covers

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Bring a charming and sophisticated sensation into your home with these stylish cushions. Combing a rich blue shade with velvety texture, these cushions can certainly uplift any corner of your house.

Featuring rich navy blue color, these cushions remain the perfect way to introduce color into your home. The charming shade of blue combined with velvety soft texture is sure to add a unique character and depth into any room. So add these stunning cushions into your home and take a turn from dull, monochromatic spaces. For these cushions cannot just add color but bring a sense of warmth for an ultimately cozy, inviting and lively space. Also the wide variety of patterns that adorn the cushion can serve as a beautiful detail. So add a refreshing aura into your home with these elegant and sophisticated cushions.

Navy blue is considered by many as the new age neutral color. The color can add warmth and life to your house in the most subtle way. Thus these navy blue cushions remain ideal to add a refreshing detail into any minimalistic or contemporary space. It is also perfect for an Industrial inspired space which can at times become too dull and depressing. So these cushions can be the best option to add a slight color, warmth and life into the space. Pair it with a grey colored cushion and you have the most elegant and sophisticated combination that can most certainly elevate any contemporary space.

Yet these cushions can also seamlessly integrate and uplift any classic or traditional interior space. Navy blue endures a hint of maturity that can definitely add a sense of luxury into your home. So add a touch of elegance and glamour with these stunning cushions. Want to be more playful and bold in your space; pair the cushions with a bright yellow for a lively and cheerful feel. Add a dusty pink or lilac for a refined, graceful and feminine look. Yet these cushions on their own can always outshine in any space, instantly adding charming sophistication in your home.

·         Material:  Velvet
·         Size: 45cm x 45cm
·         Design: Printed 

The super soft velvet cushions are sure to be a comfortable addition to your home. The cover includes a hidden zipper for a clean and elegant look. So the cushions offer the finest material in a rich color to add life into your home.