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Green Leaf Cushion Covers

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Green Leaf Cushion Covers

Bring the refreshing aura of lush greenery into your home with these green leaf cushion covers. Exclusive watercolor impression cushion covers that exhibit nature in the most unique and artistic way.

Featuring a bold display of lush green leaves, the cushions can effortlessly bring the feel of nature into your home. In the postmodern world there is a growing urge to connect with nature in many ways. Even images of plant are known to bring a calming feel and reduce stress. Allow a calming atmosphere to flow into your house with these stunning cushions. 

The cushion covers showcase the green leaf in the most artistic way. Each delicate fold and turn has been captured with immensely beautiful watercolor strokes. Also the dynamic and bold placement of the leaves can have a powerful impact in almost any space. So the cushions effortlessly deliver a sense of movement with a feeling of leaves bustling and flowing with the air. So capture this moment and the ultimately pleasant feeling in your house with these exotic cushions.

These wonderful green leaf cushions are truly ideal for any contemporary space. Mix and match these cushions in any seating area to add a lively touch of nature. Pair the cushion with organic texture and finishes to bring an aura and feel of a resort. So create your own holiday look with these lush green leaf cushion covers.

·         Material:  Linen/Cotton
·         Size: 45cm x 45cm
·         Design: Printed

The cushion covers use natural cotton and linen fabric that is durable and eco-friendly. The printing technique ensures that the colors are bright and long lasting. So do not hesitate and make the most out of your home by adding these colorful and comfortable cushion covers.