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Wicker Wall Baskets

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Wicker Wall Baskets

Wall art does not have to be the usual wallpaper, painting or picture. You can decorate your wall with other different types of contemporary art such as these Wicker Wall Baskets. Hang it on the wall, put a plant in it and turn it into the ultimate focalt point. Works perfect for minimal design, boho or scandinavian interior. 

Wicker Wall Baskets are handmade using natural materials, which make it environmentally friendly. The materials used are durable and you will get to enjoy the art for a long time unless you decide to replace the basket. Each wicker wall basket is carefully screened for quality.

It is a beautiful and practical home décor with a touch of contemporary natural art. The Wicker Wall Basket is designed for decorating the living room, dining room, bedroom, hallway, balcony, and patio. Other than homes, it can also be used to decorate offices, gardens and weddings, where it can be used as a flower vase for the bride or the bride's maid.

Also, it is perfect as a gift to friends or loved ones who love nature and natural décor.

The plastic layer of film allows for a breathable basket that can be also used for flower planting. The basket will hold plants, fruits, or used as a holding basket for keys, cosmetics, stationery, or jewelry.

Another advantage of this wall basket is that if you get faux plants to use in them, it allows you to enjoy the beauty of natural-looking plants without the struggle of wilting petals and watering. You can hang the basket on walls, doors, doorknobs, swings, mirrors, and many other places.

Also, this wall basket is weather-resistant and can be used outdoors. It comes in different colors including beige, brown, black, grey, and can be customized to any other color depending on your preference.


Material: Wicker plus Metal

Frame: No Frame

Color: brown, black, grey

Design: Woven


Be different and decorate your homestead with this multipurpose hanging basket. It is the perfect way to add a touch of nature to your home décor.