Why the 60s were the most fun design decades

Why the 60s were the most fun design decades


Anyone who is an aficionado of home décor accessories will know that the vintage era offered the best in this genre.

Retro home décor items set the bar pretty high when it comes to uniqueness. From experimental accessories to innovative furniture and other creative items, there’s a lot that we can take from this era and bring back in contemporary times. Wondering how and what? Let’s take a look:


  1. Space age stuff


Photo by Retrogoto


There was a major craze for everything space-age related back in the 60s. Homeowners were head over heels for “retro futurism” where window portals and other home décor items were inspired by the curve and aesthetics of spaceships. The Egg Chair was a popular furniture item, along with Eero Saarinen’s tulip table and womb chair. Disco balls were also a popular home décor accessory.


Even today, you can very stylishly emulate this concept in modern homes. The Egg Chair would still look pretty good, granted that you pair it with eclectic furniture. Space-inspired hanging lamps and neon colored accents would also make some pretty good additions. Add in a funky-colored backdrop and you’ll have a full package!

2. The bohemian movement



A lot of stuff happened during the 60s, but what really stands out within the design world is the bohemian movement (also known as the Hippie movement). This movement rejected mainstream American culture for a more laidback approach that also echoed in home interiors. People started using florals, artfully rough fabrics, groovy graphics, and colorful schematics.


There are lots of ways to evoke something similar in contemporary spaces. You can go for boho chic home décor accessories such as dynamic DIY wall art, braided sea grass baskets with tassels, and handmade MACRAME planter hangers to emulate this aesthetic in stylish modern homes. You can also opt for shabby chic or revamp some vintage furniture to get a similar effect.


3.Lava lamps




The 60s were a super experimental decade, so the rise of lava lamps is not really surprising. The funky, in-lit glow of these lamps was considered quite stylish back in the day. This home décor accessory was usually featured as the highlight of a room and would make quite a fun little focal point.


We can definitely mimic its impact in contemporary interior designs. You can curate a vintage-inspired lava lamp and feature it on your end table or nightstand along with stacked books and tiny planters. The lamp would definitely stand out amidst the modern home décor items.


4.Shag rugs



 Image via Flashbak

One of the biggest fads that came to be in the 60s was the indiscriminate love for shag rugs. They were used without any notion of moderation and many homeowners even used to plaster them to their walls!

Out of all 60s-oriented home décor accessories, this one can definitely make a modern comeback, given that one practices some restraint. Instead of using ginormous shag carpets, you can choose small or medium sized shaggy area rugs (mostly 4’x6, 5’x8, or even 9’x12’) depending on the size of your space. Just use them as a focal home décor item and the mere presence of it will anchor your room’s aesthetic.

So these are the four most impactful design hallmarks of the 60s. They’re fun, unique, and you can beautifully advertise them in modern homes without any hassle!

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