Transform A Boring Room with the Help of These Tips


A bedroom is where most people spend their alone time and compared to the other parts of the house; this is where your personality is most reflected. It is where you feel at home the most. But for some people, their rooms are a bit bland due to several reasons.


Although some are content with the color schemes and furniture of their bedroom, there are others who feel that their interior generally lacks personality. Thus, here some tips if you want to upgrade your room's interior designs.

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  • Be Artistic


Are your walls plain white? Do you have an artistic side that is waiting to be awakened? You can paint your walls with whatever describes your personality best. Maybe you can paint a scenery of nature or something abstract that defines your emotions. A simple room wall decor may entirely upgrade your dull walls.


You can never go wrong with hanging portraits or decorating the room with posters of your favorite artists, bands, or characters from films for those who are not very artistic. You could go for a classic and traditional feel and hang a family photo, a cross-stitch art that you made, or paintings made by you or bought at the mall.


For those who have unique tastes, you can hang pictures of your favorite anime characters or goth pictures on your wall. If you are feeling a bit ambitious, you can create your gallery by hanging several frames on the walls.


  • Furniture and other aesthetics


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Aside from the walls, you can also improve the room's overall feel by adding more furniture. If you want to increase its overall elegance, a decent night lamp would be perfect. Vases are great so that you can put flowers in for that fresh additive to your room.


Rearranging your existing furniture can also be of significant help. Often overlooked, but you may save space by rearranging the things in your room. Your room will feel much bigger by having more open space, and you can add more stuff.


A carpet is also a good idea as it makes your room homier. Friends can sit on the carpet during hangouts and night overs. Minimalist wall art can also be a conversational piece during house gatherings.


Adding metallic elements to your bedroom is also a great idea. Generally, things that reflect light add a touch of elegance to a room. Glasses, sequins, and other reflective embellishments can transform your room from a bland, plain one to an elegant and sophisticated area.


  • Improve the Lighting of Your Room


Does your bedroom only have that single, fluorescent, white light bulb? You can significantly add panache to your bedroom by improving the lighting. For example, adding a night lamp so that you have alternative lighting if you want to have dimmer lights. A pendant rope light can also be a focal point in your interiors.


Advanced technology today allows you to have more dramatic lighting in your room. You can shift to that new and trendy color-changing led lights. You can switch the lights depending on your mood. Research says that the color green is good for long-term memory retention and focus if you are studying. If you are feeling down, the color blue is perfect for that dramatic setting.


However, you can also change the lighting of the room by changing the curtains. Changing the color of the curtains will also change the overall feel of the room. The sun's natural rays in the morning will blend with the colors of your pillowcases and curtains and thus achieve that natural lighting effect that greatly affects your room's atmosphere.


Final Words


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Regardless of your aesthetic taste, there is plenty of home decor online you might want to consider. Home decor online stores have poster wall art, plant pots for sale, nordic lighting, and home decor accessories.


Again, a room is where your personality is most reflected. It is where you are the first thing in the morning and where you rest at the end of the day. It is important that you feel at home in your room. Decorating it to suit your taste is easy and simple if you just spend time and a little bit of effort.


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