The Best Industrial Lighting Trends You Want to Try Out


What are industrial lights?


Mansions, luxurious restaurants, museums, and coffee shops' interior designs have already evolved when it comes to their lighting designs. You most probably have seen industrial lighting at least once in your life because, truth be told, industrial lighting has already been applied everywhere. It has been widely used in public places and even in iconic restaurants and shops because of its unique, edgy beauty, and of course, flexibility.


These lights are made of raw and recycled materials such as wood, reclaimed objects, steel, and metal. It does not only emphasize the interior's eco-friendliness, but it also emphasizes its overall function and style. The entire idea of industrial lighting encouraged artistic homeowners to decorate their lights and turn reclaimed objects into lamps, chandeliers, pendant rope light, and sconces. Below are some ideas you might want to try.


  • Modern pop


Home decor accessories have constantly evolved from grand, massive chandeliers to minimalistic designed yet efficient lighting. The entirety of it boils down to a single goal, which is style.



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Industrial lighting does not make the room any less stylish at all; instead, it enhances its beauty and adds taste to it. It is not only limited to vintage finishes. Feel free to try matte black, polished nickel, and many other colors that fit in your interior's color scheme. Make sure to incorporate these modern accessories into your own character and personality.


  • Apply some traditional accent
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If you want to go modern yet are still obsessed with your room's traditional style, you can achieve both things at once! Any traditional room can be modernized with Nordic lighting. Nordic industrial lighting can indeed upgrade the look of a massive wooden table. Nordic lighting can be perfectly combined with your vintage vases underneath or any vintage furniture. Again, it keeps both traditional and modern emphasis in your interior. 


  • Farmhouse chic


Half industrial and half country, the farmhouse style is incredibly popular because of its modern and rustic appearance. The combination of old and new turns out to be stunning; thus, this can be applied in a lot of business establishments such as real estate and restaurants.


Farmhouse style is an architectural highlight no matter what space it is applied to. Imagine drinking a cup of coffee in a cafe with an exposed beam, hanging industrial lamps, and matte black lights hovering above a reclaimed wooden table; wouldn't it be lovely?


  • Steampunk style


Steampunk is a powerful combination of 19th-century industrial machinery and the technology-infused science fantasy. Some iconic restaurants have reclaimed steel fashioned in a table's legs. Some coffee shops have to turn and twisting chandeliers with fiery light bulbs. If you saw any of these modern, chic, and unique interior designs, then you have already seen steampunk. This style perfectly works with unpolished and polished metals, exposed brick, and even unfinished wood. This lighting style conveys a rarely creative sensibility to interior design enthusiasts. This can be an ideal choice for an architectural studio and digital agency.


  • Outdoor ambiance and safety


Stylistic lighting should not only be applied in interior settings; it must transform your outdoor spaces too. Adding industrial lights along a long pathway leading to your home office would indeed add spice to your rarely visited gardens. Surrounding your massive fountain with industrial lighting would indeed transform your unmaintained fountain into your mansion's focal point.




Photo by Orlova Maria on Unsplash



Industrial lighting stylistically illuminates your space. There are plenty of home decor online stores that sell quality home decor items, including industrial lamps, pendant lights, and chandeliers. Modern lighting systems allow you to improve your interior and exterior space without having to spend a lot of money for a whole-house remodeling.



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