Most Popular Interior Design Styles 2021

Most Popular Interior Design Styles 2021

If you have a new home or planning a remodeling, it’s best to start thinking about the interior style too. It can be quite confusing what will go well with your space and your taste. Don’t worry, will be presenting tried and tested interior design styles. Having a style will guide you as you shop for home decor items.


Modern interior design is reminiscent of the modern art movement. Modern art removed the ornate characteristics of its predecessors. Like the art movement, the interior design style focuses on clean lines, balanced style, and natural lighting. This interior style incorporates a warm neutral palette in the furnishings and décors. Home design elements of a Modern interior style include:

  • Open floor plan concept
  • Built-in shelves to minimize space clutter
  • Minimal modern art wall decor
  • Use of primary color in the entire space

Modern and Contemporary designs are thought to be the same. Although they both incorporate simple and uncluttered spaces, their design elements differ. Contemporary is considered the current trend and is changing. Contemporary is great for owners who like form and ornament more than function.

They are trendy and like to be abreast with current interior styles. Right now, the contemporary style includes the following elements:

  • Incorporates ornamental décor
  • Colors may tend towards black, white, gray, and off-white
  • Contrary to Modern’s straight lines, Contemporary design incorporates curves




Minimalist interior design became popular in the 1980s which emphasizes simplicity and functionality.  The style is characterized by an open-concept space and accentuates the architectural aspects of the space. It utilizes a monochromatic palette which contributes to a clean and organized look.


The Minimalist interior style is great for making small spaces look large. Unlike Scandinavian interior design which focuses on sleek designs, the minimalist design focuses on owning less and maximizing what you have. A Minimalist design incorporates these elements:


  • Every item placed, even the minimalist wall art, must serve a purpose
  • Less is more in furniture and accessories
  • Smart storage solutions throughout the house

Industrial design is a style inspired by old factories and warehouses converted into lofts. It emphasizes the use of distressed wood, exposed pipes and bricks, and ductwork from the industrial era. It invokes a sense of unfinished rawness throughout. The Industrial style uses mostly grays, neutrals, and rustic colors color palettes.  Here are a few elements of the Industrial design style:

  • High ceilings with exposed pipes and bricks
  • Reclaimed wood furniture
  • Light fixtures with metal finishes



The traditional interior style celebrates the European sensibilities of adding ornate and decorative pieces. It has carved details, elaborate finishing, and sturdy crafted furniture. The traditional design can be considered s predictable but is usually cozy and comfortable. Rich jewel tones are common colors for this design to suit the dark wood furniture. A Traditional interior design will include this:
  • Heavy and ornate furniture like the Queen Anne chair

  • Extravagant details and fabrics such as velvet, silk, and brocade used in seats and other accessories

  • Architectural details such as crown molding, columns, and wood-paneling.



      6. BOHEMIAN



Alyssa Strohmann on Unsplash

Bohemian or Boho is one of the most well-known styles for home design and fashion. As an interior design style, it is relaxed, carefree, and opts for rule-free patterns.  Unlike the other designs, Bohemian style lets you have fun with textures, designs, and styles in home decor accessories to create a beautiful bohemian vibe. See some ideas for Boho-chic room décors.  Incorporate this when designing a Bohemian style in your space:

  • Add in some distressing finds for an eclectic mix with your layers
  • Bright, vibrant colors and bold hues are at play for this style.
  • Create a relaxed feel with indoor plants that will add beauty and purify the air



For a sophisticated year-round beach vibe, you can try the Coastal interior design style. Also called the Hamptons, its name is based on the popular U.S. beachside area.  The Coastal interior style is clean, uncluttered, airy, and filled with natural light.

The Coastal style plays around with cool tones such as whites and shades of blue, beige, and some splashes of light colors.  If you want a Coastal style in your home, you can add these items:

  • Maximize the natural light on your space with white walls, ceilings, and walls since it reflects sunshine that gives the space a more outdoor vibe.
  • Blue and white striped patterns for pillows, blankets, and room wall decor
  • Furniture with earthy tones such as jute rugs, wicker baskets, and wooden coffee tables. 

It’s important to have an interior style that fits your lifestyle, space, and taste. After all, seeing a beautiful home can be relaxing after a tiring workday. Give us a call HERE so we can help you pick the right accessory for your home.


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